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100 Percent Pure
About 100 Percent Pure

Beauty has become a necessity for people whether it be a man or a woman both have made it their priority to look beautiful 24/7 just to get appreciation of the other and while doing that they forget that things that make you look beautiful for example cosmetics are being made with chemicals, for their perfect cosmetics it is first being tested on animals. There are thousands of lawsuits on cosmetics companies for violating the laws for making their products. 100 percent pure is not one of those companies as the name suggests it is all natural and they pride themselves on this fact. You can get amazing deals with 100 percent pure discounts codes and also get great deals at CouponSmith. 

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More About 100 Percent Pure

100 percent pure was founded in 2005 in Napa, California farmhouse by Susie Wang and it is now based in the Silicon Valley. 100% PURE® is a natural cosmetics beauty firm focused on providing healthy skin care, color cosmetics plus bath and body products. Their products are completely free of harmful toxins that are continuously being found in other cosmetic products of various companies, they have a 100% cruelty-free, 100% free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives and all other impure chemicals. Their company’s goals and objectives have always been to provide 100% natural cosmetics and you can get great offers with 100 percent pure voucher code on their pure cosmetics at Coupon Smith.

100 percent pure specializes in providing body care products, hair care products, fruit pigmented makeup, Skincare, baby care products and much more. All these product lines mainly focus on women and their children because the team at 100 percent pure know that women not only focus on themselves but their child’s care is also important for them. These product lines are all 100% pure and that’s a guarantee, you can get the products check by any lab and you won’t find any traces of any illicit substance. The co- founder Susie Wang was more concentrated in making the product pure than actually selling it, this is the extent to which she is determined about the mission of 100 percent pure. Avail promo code of 100 percent pure and get amazing deals and discounts with Coupon Smith

People in the sense of trying to look beautiful and handsome don’t look at what those cosmetic products have actually gone through to give you that shining look and that is what encourages other companies to keep their illegal activities going. 100 percent pure has always had a philanthropic side for which it partners up with non-profit organizations Like PETA, Keep a child alive, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, the American Red Cross, Kitten Rescue and many more to ensure that the cosmetics industry keeps in line when manufacturing products and so that 100 percent pure could help all the people and animals it can through Charity and volunteer work by their employees. You can get amazing offers and deals with a discount code of 100 percent pure and also get great deals on all their products at Coupon Smith