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About Oh Nuts (US)

Some businesses open their doors with minor motive, others with a massive mission…though if you take the time (or Business School courses) to profile the ones that make it, you'll find that those that succeed usually have one thing in common—the ability to provide a product or service better, faster and more efficiently than most anyone else.

Case in point, the impetus behind the Klein family's decision to open the doors of their first (of four and counting) Oh Nuts store back in 1995.

You see, before they got the world to "go nuts for Oh Nuts", the Kleins were the proud and successful owners of a well regarded wholesale nut and confectionary products company. As the bulk of their clientele was caterers and manufacturers rather than retailers they spent an inordinate amount of time at various food and food related tradeshows. During the conversations with both fellow exhibitors as well as attendees they realized that the food chain that linked product to actual consumer had more levels than a video game. The difference was though in a video game reaching a level means you're good enough to be hit with fresh challenges while adding a level to the retail process usually meant losing a level of freshness and quality as the distance from source to store got that much longer.